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My name is Elias Bene, I was born in Maputo, Mozambique, that wonderful country bordered by the Indian Ocean.

Over the last eight years I have worked in the area of International Development, precisely "aid" & "development" for the Southern Hemisphere countries, the Least Developed Countries in particular.

I am conscious of the challenges "aid" & "development" implies especially when it comes to evaluating the impact of the work done in/for the recipient countries. I know for instance that strengthening empowerment, leadership and ownership are good principles for local development.

I believe that my contribution, although small, can make a difference in improving or changing something for the better. To achieve that it is essential to get skills that fit in the logical framework of International Development; for that purpose I studies International Relations and specialized in Development studies.

In addition, my professional experiences starting from CIDA – Canadian International Development Agency, as one of the earliest translators for the "Community Empowerment Project"; IOM – International Organization for Migration, as project assistant; Swiss Aid – Swiss Agency for the International Development, as volunteer and lately at EEAS – European External Action Service, as assistant; I consider these experiences of great utility for International Development.

Being Portuguese native speaker, fluent in English, French, advanced Italian, Intermediate Spanish and basic German has been an important asset to better understand the world around me.

My hobbies besides travelling, reading and my passion for strategy games (e.g. chess, civilization …), I like playing and teaching tennis also skiing. I also enjoy listening and playing music and I hope someday I will become a reasonable violin player.

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