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Right to Left
When the script does not read from left to right
 .Technical Explanation
Languages such as Arabic and the Persian family (including Farsi, Pashtu, Urdu, Sindhi) read from right to left, requiring special html tags in web pages.
Here is Al:
Anyhow, happily, the answer to your question is pretty easy. To turn a whole page into right-to-left, just add a little something to the html tag (the one that actually says "html"), so it now says:

< html dir="rtl" >

(I put spaces after the < and the > to make sure your email program didn't attempt to turn my example into html. When you're doing the real thing, you'd take those spaces out, of course.)

To turn just a paragraph into right-to-left, you apply the same attribute/value to the paragraph tag:

p dir="rtl"

or, if you need a change of direction in the middle of a right-to-left page, say for example if you had an English sentence in the middle, then  it's a simple matter of:

p dir="ltr"

Of course, nothing is simple. Arabic has a nasty habit of putting their numbers in left-to-right order just like English does. The DIR attribute handles this stuff just fine, but I tried to understand how it works its magic and almost sprained my brain. If you're curious, though, there's some information and interesting examples at



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