Non Material Development Mobilization

HIV-AIDS Presentation
Edward Anafi, MD
University of Ghana Medical School
Edited by Phil Bartle
The following is in note-list form and is designed for a power point presentation.
 Introduction Introduction Introduction Epidemiology Epidemiology Routes of spread Sexual Contact Sexual Contact Parental transmission Mother to Child Spread Outside High Risk Groups Phases of HIV Infection (CDC)
  • Early, acute
  • Group I : Acute Infection
  • Middle, chronic
  • Group II: Asymptomatic Infection
  • Group III: Persistent generalised lymphadenopathy
  • Final, late
  • Group IV:
    • A: constitutional disease
    • B: Neurologic disease
    • C: Secondary infection
    • D: Secondary neoplasm
    • E: Other conditions

CDC Classification

CDC Classification cont’d Clinical Features Diagnosis Diagnosis Major Signs Minor Signs Treatment Drugs Prevention Never use Progression Reference Texts Thank You

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