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Demography and Sociology
What Counts When we Look at Numbers of People?
Phil Bartle
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Documents Included in the Demography Module
Demography is about people, numbers of people.
Strictly speaking, demography is not sociological in the sense of being human ideas and patterns of behaviour. . It is closely related to sociology, however, in that the number of people in a society or community as well as changes in numbers, rates of change. . .
and the same applied to selected categories of people such as age and sex, are all closely related to ideas and behaviour, ie to sociology and society.
A population size and its changes, for example, are a product of birth, death and migration, all which are affected by values and patterns of behaviour. . This short module has two documents in it, one on introducing demography, the other describing a useful tool for both the sociologist and the community mobiliser, the age pyramid.
Migration changes the size of a resident population.
My PhD dissertation looked at the social ramifications of people migrating, yet maintaining social ties to their communities of origin. . The resulting “diaspora” is very different depending on whether or not those ties are kept and remain operational. See the dissertation abstract.
Note: We see “sociological” as not being about people, but about their ideas and behaviour. Culture is not human beings, but is “carried” by human beings.
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