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Sent :  April 6
From :  Telia H

Hey dr. phil
 I know class is pretty much over but I was just reading over some of the blogs and I was reading one from lauren.
 I just wanted to add that yeah, I think that the elimination of inequalities seems totally perplexing, and people are always going to have bias's and people are always going to make unconscious judgments. But what I think can change is the attitude in which we address these matters, and the illimjination of irrational and down right mean judgements that people make. There's a difference between a naive and innocent prejudice and a harsh deliberate one.

 I think if people address situations with an attitude of humbleness, if people can dispassionantly let go of the fact that everyone wants to be right, and detatch from our ego's we might actually get somewhere. I think biases and judgements will continue to ezist, we can't possibly look at everything from all perspectives and understand everything, but we can try to be more undertanding and open minded, and when we pass a judgment openly admit to it, because when it comes down to it we all hold prejudices against people, and unconsciously I think were all a little racist and sexist and all the others, we just gotta recongnize it learn and move on to the next thing instead of getting all defensive.

I didn't mean to offend anyone with the last statement, it's just my opinion.

Sent :  February 9
From :  **LaUrEn R**

Hey Class---
 I just wanted to state that I think inequality is going to continue to exist because of the conflict between man and man, and man and the environment. The whole world is not going to conform to one idea that will eliminate inequalities. There is always going to be conflict and there are also going to be biases in trying to attain a world where there is no inequalities. And we all know that biases are useless pieces of information in relation to trying to make a world full of equality. There are too many segments of live around there world. The world is made up of many different cultures and they have their own values and beliefs. Every culture is different, which makes it foreign to another culture. Therefore, a culture who feels that their values are being attack are not going to conform, instead they are going to ignore what others are trying to make them do

 I think the only way equality can exist is if everyone has the same social status/ class, and have a respect for everyone of all different age, race, and gender. But a world like that is too perfect and the world will never attain a utopia. So instead, people are going to continue to try to fight inequalities and it may improve some situations, but it will also cause more conflict. Therefore, it is a never-ending cycle.

 Lauren R

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