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by Phil Bartle, PhD

5. Respect Is Very Important:

Consider the life experiences of a person who can not read and write.

That person may have been teased and/or insulted for not knowing how to read and write. S/he may be tempted to hide her/his illiteracy. By attending your workshops and field trips, s/he is admitting to the world that s/he can not read or write. If s/he does not find rewards and benefits in attending, and is not respected when attending, s/he will drop out. It takes courage, therefore, to attend your literacy sessions, and you would be wise to acknowledge and praise that courage.

Again, you must consciously avoid behaviours that may be practised in school towards pupils, and respect your participants. Also insist on their respecting each other and each themselves. Build self respect.

Do not give yourself a title (Mr. Ms. Dr. Mrs. Miss, Rev.) unless you give every participant a title. Either everyone, you included, should be called by their first name, or everyone should be called by a title and family name. (Call me Dr. Phil).

You should not only respect every participant, you should go out of your way to ensure that every participant knows you respect her or him.

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