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by Phil Bartle, PhD

14. Avoid Curricula (Content) Borrowed From Orthodox Schooling ─ Make Your Own:

It is so tempting, especially when you are just starting out to run a literacy programme, to borrow an elementary reading book from a nearby school, and start teaching words out of it

Be strong; avoid this approach.

Look carefully at such a book. What are the words in it? How many of them relate to what is important to your participants?

Although many efforts are now being made to make national text books more relevant to national images and ideas, no text book can reflect the wide variety of activities, things and ideas throughout the nation; communities differ so much from each other. Furthermore, making up your own vocabulary lists, as a group activity with your participants, helps them in becoming more empowered, and helps them to identify more closely with the chosen words (ie that they have chosen).

The criteria for your methods and content should not be whether they are orthodox or unorthodox, but whether they genuinely cause the number of literate people in the community to increase.

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