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by Phil Bartle, PhD

17. Give Opportunities to Participants to Teach What They Learn:

You may have noticed it. When we learn something, and then we must teach it, we learn it better. We retain it longer. We understand it more deeply. By making an effort to teach it to someone else, we help ourselves to understand more about something.

Put this phenomena into the methodology of your literacy programme. Find ways for your literacy participants to teach, demonstrate, or illustrate the things they are learning. Their fellow participants can temporarily become their clients. Perhaps it is something elementary such as how to make the shape of a letter such as "P." Perhaps it is something related to a field trip of project, such as how to set up a pamphlet that will list names of fish and their sizes and prices.

If you are using these documents to help train mobilisers in setting up a literacy programme, give the participant mobilisers tasks of teaching each other the principles of practical and functional literacy. See Training Methods.

Whether your participants are literacy trainees, or mobiliser trainees, the principle of "learning by doing" can (and should) be extended to finding ways of the participants to teach others the skills and principles that they are learning. When they do, they will learn better.

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