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Sent :  January 31
From :  Jennifer D
Subject :  Soc 100: Just a thought to Ponder

Hi Dr. Phil,
I've been thinking about something we discussed in class quite a while ago that I never got around to questioning.  It's in regards to the thought that language, a socially developed tool, is what contributes to building memories, and how the reason many of us don't remember being babies is because we had no language (which defines everything around us)to define what it was we were seeing/percieving.  I was just wondering; do you think dreams work in the same way?  Do you think that language is in any way responsible for the construction of dreams?  Obviously in order to see things in your dreams you most likely had to see them in real life first, but I wasn't sure if a person would need to simply see the object in order for it to be incorperated in a dream or if that person would need also a definition of what that object was. Just curious about your thoughts on this.


February 2:
Try: Monte
or (if you are psychologically inclined) Dream

From: "Florent"
Subject: information et collaboration
Date: Mon, 1 Mar

Bonjour, Madame, Monsieur,
je suis Wetta Florent Gérard, je travaille à la SNV (organisation néerlandaise de développement) comme conseiller chargé d'appuyer les organisations locales. Dans le cadre de mes recherches sur internet, j'ai découvert un de vos articles sur le renforcement des capacités, notamment le "Guide pour le facilitateur, Guide pour aider une organisation à
développer sa force organisationnelle". Je suis très intéressé et je souhaiterai obtenir de plus amples informations ce thème et comment votre organisation atteind ses objectifs au niveau de communautés à la base?

Sur ce Portez-vous bien et à bientôt.

Date: Tue, 10 Feb
From: "rowan b"
Subject: just a question that is was thinking of when studying

 Hey Doctor Phil
The question that I thought was:

In a remote tribe scuh as ones in the Amizon where there has been no real contact with other tribes, how would socity change?  I understand that the tribe would have very simple dynamics, but how would the demension become more complex?  I know with interaction with other socities the tribe would become more complex because of the interaction, but if there was no interaction how would values and the rest of the dimension change? or would the just stay stagnet.

Date: Fri, 06 Feb
From: "Stephanie B"
Subject: Ok all I've arranged....

Hey guys! I've booked a room in the library (up top apparently) for 3:30 it's under my name (Stephanie), this will allow for all of us to get there on time. If you can't make it then let someone know and maybe some note taking or something can be arranged. Dr. Phil would you please post this on the blog for Soc 160? Thank you! And see you all on Friday, bring your notes and whatever else might help us all out! See you tomorrow! ~~~ Steph

Date: Wed, 14 Jan
To: "Community Empowerment"
Subject: Re: soc 160: question directly related to soc160

Dr. Phil
By all means, post them.

Quoting Community Empowerment,
How can you possibly think those are not related to
Sociology? Soc 160 especially! Excellent questions.
I think we should post them, and I would like you to
also raise them in tutorials.
Dr. Phil

Date: Wed, 14 Jan
Subject: Soc 160: question not directly related to Soc 160

Hi Dr. Phil,
I have a question (actually a couple) that I was hoping to get your opinion on. They do not directly relate to our soc160 class, although I'm sure gender roles are a big subject in traditional family life. Please feel free to share with the class, if you wish.

If men and women can be gender (socially) defined, would it be impossible to acheive total equality? That is, if men and women are taught to behave like their respective gender how can they be seen as the same (equal), where by simply labelling someone as male or female gender is to notice a difference.

Would feminism (in this context) be seen as mere "damage control" since it would be impossible to have feminism without inequality?  Isn't it like lines in a mathmatical graph that get closer and closer but never meet? If there is any truth to this, then could it be applied to other socially defined categories (race, age)?


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