Community Empowerment
Deutsch English version of this document Italiano Polski
by Allison Miller
edited by Phil Bartle

A tear slid down my cheek tonight
Quickly followed by the next
And I wish with all my heart
That I could change the text

I wish that every tear
Made a trail of dark black gold
And with each and every tear
I'd buy back all that's been sold

I'd buy back the abandoned buildings
That punctured my trip to Detroit, M.I.
Make them shine like all the pristine churches
Do the pious only look at the sky?

I'd buy back the realm that my ancestors stole
From a people who actually valued the land
But I'd give it to everyone, not just their children
I know their great-grandparents would understand

I'd buy back the weapons that were sold
In some crazy pursuit for gain
I'd turn each into shears and plows
And plant for the world golden grain

I'd buy each child their education
So they can be free to make up their minds
I can only hope this will still work
Do you think that there is still time?

I'd buy back the faith of all people
And help them believe they are free
Remembering the uniting idea of their heroes
That every change, every day, starts with WE

I'd cry till my eyes died within me
Until I had the required sum
And blinded like that I would smile
Knowing that all of the wars now were won

The tears are now blurring my vision
But I can still see my goal
That in knowing each other we'll remember
That we ALL have a heart and a soul

We know that bad things can happen
But where did the first one occur?
When will the fires stop burning?
When we’ve vindictively killed all our world?

Who threw the first stone is long forgotten
Who throws the last we'll die to see
And if my tears before then are not oil
Oh then, we will be Forever Free.


In response, reverence, and regret.
By Allison Miller
May 30, 2004