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Executive Summary

By Phil Bartle, PhD

Documents Included in this Strategy Module


The community management programme was a global strategy of poverty eradication and community empowerment of the CDP programme in UNCHS in accordance with the Habitat Agenda.

In Uganda, the strategy was adapted to its context, and therefore differed in some respects from its sister programmes in other countries. The fundamental principles and methodology, however, remain consistent between countries.

The Three Major Elements of the Strategy:

The three main elements of the CMP strategy are:

  • Element A: Community Participation;
  • Element B: Community Management; and
  • Element C: Enabling Environment.

These three must be initiated in an integrated manner; not be independent of each other.

Variations in the Strategy:

The empowerment of low income communities, a simple vision, can not be undertaken in a simplistic manner. Communities within and between countries vary in their size, complexity, economies, political and social organization, physical environment, and technologies.

To respond to these variations in the conditions of communities, the overall strategy (with its three main parts or elements) must be flexible, and adapt to those community differences. The strategy lists the variations in turn, and indicates how it must be modified to respond to those differences.

Strategy Documents on this Site:

The Strategy Outline (five pages) sketches the whole strategy, much of it in bullet form.

The Strategy Explicated (13 pages) takes each element in turn, shows linkages to other elements and to the strategy as a whole, goes into more detail, shows the logical framework, and a few instruments used in implementing the strategy.


Management Training Workshop:

Management Training Workshop

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