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Romanian Translator and Proof-Reader


I had always lived in an intercultural environment but it took me years to understand it. The first glimpse was when I realised that if I gathered my best friends around the table, we'd form a mosaic of nationalities, religions, languages and values. And a funny gathering that would be! :)

Sometimes too serious, sometimes just silly, I am constantly looking for myself and the volunteering work translating for this website is part of my search. Thank you for making it possible.

I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. A patient mother, a respectful daughter, a valued employee, a wise employer, a melancholic confidant, a cheerful friend, a successful businesswoman, an adored housewife, every one of these and more. I want to inspire people and be inspired in return.


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Managementul participativ
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Sociologia religiei
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