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CEC-Telugu, Italian, Bengali Coordinator, Telugu Translator & Proof reader


I was born in India and came to USA in 80’s and settled in Seattle Area.

I am an Engineer (Graduate in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science) through Education and a Software Engineer by Profession and worked in many software companies mostly in Seattle region.

I have 2 wonderful, smart kids.

I love nature, outdoors, walking, music, reading, decorating, watching TV/ movies, yoga, games, picnics, dancing and acting for fun and little biking and hiking and have many hobbies. I am passionate, committed, little shy, but love to try new things. I believe in honesty, caring, commitment and communication. I like humor but not sarcastic one. I do not like surprises and cannot stand pretense, conceitedness. I want to enjoy and get satisfaction in whatever I do.

I can speak, write and read English, Telugu and Hindi languages and Telugu is my native language. But I always have respect, interest and curiosity in all languages cultures, religions and nations and in any subject which is challenging or cannot be explained logically. I explore, investigate, collect data, and do research to know a subject/person/organization if it is interesting/challenging.

My personality mutated a lot based on the environment from being innocent, naughty, shy, fun loving, carefree, casual, jovial, compassionate, happy, optimistic, company loving, charitable, full of emotions, trusting everyone, open minded with no malicious intent to being sometimes extremely cautious, stern, liking being solitary, hiding feelings.

Though I do not support violence or terrorism, I always had compassion and soft corner for less fortunate, under privileged people and animals. From my childhood I gave my hand to help anything in this regard without being advertised. But the world has changed so much that we have to advertise ourselves to do such tasks and not only that there are many organizations and people who take advantage of this to fulfill their own selfish motives and to advertise their beliefs and principles. So I have become very selective in what I do now in this regard.

This led me to volunteer in CEC and I got so much satisfaction (Even though it was not part of being a coordinator, I helped some people in writing their profile in English so that it would help them in future). At the same time it helped me to refresh my native language, improve inter-personal, online and other skills.

I hope this collaboration will continue to be useful to the world as it was doing.

I thank who supported me through thick and thin at the CEC, the Italian, Bengali and Telugu volunteers for giving me opportunity to be their Coordinator and Proof reader.

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Personal link: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/saraswati-kaja/19/364/1b0

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