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Community Worker, Trainer, Author, Artist


I was born in Sydney, Australia in 1968, and grew up on a beach north of Sydney.

I studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Sydney University before doing a quick lap of the world in the early nineties.

I returned to Australia and moved to Brisbane to study a Masters of Agricultural Studies. My mum passed away in 1994 and I changed my focus from research to community development and adult learning.

I've been working for the Queensland government since the mid 90's, helping client groups identify issues that affect their community and helping them to construct a process to overcome these issues and create ownership of the solutions. I've worked with rural communities, city suits, and now indigenous brothers and sisters. The same processes of ownership and empowerment applies.

I've been married and divorced and am now studying a Doctorate, along with working full time, and developing my skills as an artist. You can find out more about me at http://bennfleming.com/.

I'm planning to stop work with the government in 3-5 years time, to get more involved in international projects and spend more time painting, writing and enjoying the moments of each day.

Participation is the Key to Empowerment
Gaining Community Ownership

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