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by Phil Bartle, PhD

The Community Empowerment Collective is a not-for-profit association working exclusively on the Internet to produce, translate and distribute free training material for community mobilisers, project co-ordinators and leaders engaged in strengthening low income communities toward self-reliance and locally controlled economic and social development world-wide.  We are also building networks of users and partners to support the ongoing development of skills for applying that knowledge.

CEC has been online since 1996.  We are recently re-incorporated as Global Community Empowerment Collective Society in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.  Throughout this site and in correspondence we use the abbreviations Community Empowerment Collective and CEC

Our current Board of Directors 2015-2016

Dr. Phil Bartle – (Langford, BC Canada) founder and primary author
Bergen Amren  - (Vancouver, BC Canada) President; CEC development coordination
Patrick O. Ochieng – (Mombasa, Kenya) International user networking; emerging projects
María-Lourdes Sada - (Bruxelles, Belgium) Web designer and website administrator
Alanna A Mulholland - (Vancouver, BC Canada), content enhancement strategic planning

Any questions or comments to the board may be addressed to: cec@vcn.bc.ca

CEC has never raised money, operates on a zero budget and has always depended entirely on the generosity of volunteers for all its work.  If you are interested in supporting the maintenance and growth of this training material, your contributions would be most welcome including proposing or writing new module content, translating existing modules or sharing stories of how you have used the material on this site.  Please see our volunteer page for details.


For details on current Directors click on their names; for some of our previous and current volunteers and their roles see Contributors.

If you copy text from this site, please acknowledge the author(s)
and link it back to www.scn.org/cmp/

 Following the path of least resistance makes all rivers and some men crooked

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