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Personal and Specific Guidance is Available

by Phil Bartle, PhD

If you are a mobiliser or activist in a low income community, or a trainer of mobilisers, or a co-ordinator of mobilisers in the field, some personal guidance is available from this site.

Starting or upgrading your organization? Simply write your question in an email and send it to us.

Go to the Useful Links page and scroll down to the Yahoo Groups links. Choose Community Strengthening. Your questions will be seen by other members of the group, and they will be answered.  See Useful Links.

If your question is already answered in a training document, the reply would likely indicate that. If it is a question outside the scope of this web site, but perhaps still a valid question for aid workers, you may be directed elsewhere, such as to the Aid Workers’ Network, an excellent forum for aid workers helping aid workers. If you have tried to use one of the Community Empowerment training documents, and are having some difficulty either understanding it or implementing it, make your question as specific as possible.

While the purpose of this web site is to help low income mobilisers and their trainers and managers, some response is available for students, from grade school through technical and college level to post graduate students researching the process.

Rude and disrespectful questions will be ignored, corrected or replied in kind.

Highly paid consultants are not a target audience of this work.

Several individuals with demonstrated experience and training may review some of the questions, and may choose to respond to your question. If you have experience and/or training in this process, please identify yourself and offer to help in handling some of the answers. What topics?

Apologies; I am not able to review unsolicited documents, including proposals for funding, grant applications, reports, or post graduate proposals and theses, except those which we have together built up through dialogue, using the principles and guidelines here in the training documents.

Scholars, academics and professors, and any others experienced in the industry, are welcome to dialogue, and invited to add their own contributions. In all cases, you are requested to identify yourself, and tell us some thing about your location, your purpose, your activities.

We welcome your questions.


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