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Tagalog and Filipino language translator


I believe that life is a journey.....of meeting people, of learning new things, of experiencing different cultures, of being a part of other people's (friends, foes and strangers) lives - no matter how small and how short your interactions are.....of just ...being.

I find joy in trivial things. And one thing that definitely brings a smile on my face is the warmth of the sun! (reminds me of home!!!)

Living in countries with different languages (both Canada and Philippines), I know that getting your message across can sometimes be a daunting task.

Thus, I believe working as a translator allows me, in my own little way, to help in breaking down the barriers of communication.

I love arts and culture. I am intested in Philippine Pre-Colonial History. I just learned how to write in BAYBAYIN (Filipino scripts used by our ancestors prior to the arrival of the Spaniards).

Just a little background on our official language ..... what is commonly called as Tagalog the official language is technically called ¨Filipino¨. majority of us, call it Tagalog because the basis of the language is the Tagalog language in the Katagalugan (Tagalog speaking areas in the Philippines). But what majority of us actually speaks and undersand is the Filipino language, where there have been a lot of adaptations from other languages in the Philippines. and even from Spanish and English.

The funny thing is although most of us keep calling it Tagalog (out of habit and sometimes ignorance ...), if we speak to a native ¨Tagalog¨ speaker, chances are he or she would be using words that we don't understand and normally use in everyday conversations ..... (masalimuot masyado ang kasaysayan ng aming lengwahe! - the history of our language is very complicated!)

Mga pamamaraan ng pagpapalakas ng loob
Pakikilahok sa taunang pagsusuri

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