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Story Two

He was not impressed

by Phil Bartle, PhD

Short Stories to illustrate the principles


Wilson Limpopo was a hotshot reporter for the national newspaper. He had just completed a story on the huge new football stadium (which looked like a flying saucer the size of a city). His friend and former school mate, Eddy, now invited him to cover the completion celebrations of a community project, a little school building in a remote village.

There was no paint on the walls, and there were obviously a few errors in its construction. Wilson was definitely under whelmed. “This is not a story about the school building", Eddy explained to him.” This is a human story about poverty, vision, struggle and huge efforts to overcome big hindrances." The village had nothing but disease, apathy, ignorance and despair. They came together and decided they would use what resources they could get, and build a school. They found a retired brick maker to teach them how to make and fire bricks. OK, so all the bricks are not quite the same size, but the pride they have in doing it far exceeds the uniformity. Similarly with an elderly mason.

"Wilson, this is a challenge for a journalist, to reveal what people cannot see in the construction, human drama and victory. Are you up to it?” Wilson took up the challenge, and wrote up an interesting article about the completion celebration, and included the human side of the story based on Eddy’s briefing. People throughout the nation felt pride in this endeavour to be self reliant.

Note: These stories are based on actual events. The names of people and places have been changed for the sake of anonymity.


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