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Story Five

He did not know the basic concepts

by Phil Bartle, PhD


Short stories to illustrate the principles

Paul had not paid attention when the basic concepts were discussed during his mobilizer training. He did not know that a transfer of money is not the generation (creation) of income or wealth. In his first week in the field he came across a community where there was starvation and suffering, for it was exceedingly poor. He heard of an agency that had money available and was able to obtain some of it for poverty. He arranged for the poorest of the community members to obtain grants of money and he felt satisfied.

But he had not reduced poverty; he had merely alleviated it, taking away its pain for a temporary period. Six months later they showed all the same symptoms of poverty again, for they were really no better off.

Later he attended an in-service workshop where the differences were discussed, and he learned how he could guide the community members to create wealth by adding value. He went back to the community and showed people how they could create wealth by starting micro businesses, using micro credit, and becoming producers of wealth. The community members were fortunate that Paul was willing to learn.

Note: These stories are based on actual events. The names of people and places have been changed for the sake of anonymity.

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