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Web references change: some come and go. That means not all of these will still exist by the time you get to them.   You are invited to contribute by looking for further web references and sharing them.

The following references include several papers written by me.

In the Dead Sociologists' web site, you will find many of the topics covered by the text book. Look for them by name of each classical sociologist.

Introduction to Family and Community; The Sociological Perspective

Baker, Chapter 1: Definitions, Cultural Variations and Demographic Trends
Bartle: Chapters 1, 2, 3 Culture, Society, Perspective
Bartle: Sociological Perspective;
Bartle: Culture, Symbols and Dimensions
Bartle: Is Culture Inside Us or Outside Us
Bartle: Everyday Things
Bartle: Poker Game
Bartle: Glossary;
Mandell and Duffy, Chapter 1. Canadian Families in Social Context
Bartle, What is Community? www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/
Vanier Institute of the Family: http://www.vifamily.ca
Statistics Canada: http://www.stacan.ca
Bartle, Chapter One; What is Society?
Bartle, The Sociological Perspective, www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/

The Major Perspectives in Sociology

Baker, Chapter 2: Conceptualizing Families: Theoretical Frameworks & Family Research
Baker, Chapter 3: Biases in Family Literature
Bartle, Eye of the Beholder
Bartle. Sociological Perspective.
Bartle: Karl Marx;
Bartle: Emile Durkheim;
Bartle: Max Weber;
Bartle: Seven Biases in Family Literature
Dead Sociologists: http://faculty.olympic.edu/cbarker/deadsociologistsociety.htm
A tour through Sociological Cyber space: http://www.trinity.edu/mkearl/
Durkheim, http://durkheim.itgo.com/solidarity.html

Applying Cultural Dimensions to Family and Community

Bartle: Chapter 5(6); the Six Dimensions
Bartle: Six Dimensions;
Bartle: What is Community?

Family Histories and Ideal Culture
Mandell and Duffy, Chapter 2. Family Histories

Family Lives of First Nations, Immigrants, and Visible minorities

Bartle: First Nations, Visible Minorities and Immigrants;
Mandell and Duffy, Chapter 4. Family Lives of Native Peoples, Immigrants, and Visible minorities
Bartle: Age, Race and Sex
Bartle: Mosaic or Melting Pot

Industrialisation, Technology, Immigration

Bartle, The Technological Dimension:
Bartle, Chapter Ten; More People; More Strangers
Bartle, Chapter Six; Six Dimensions

History, Social Change, Families and Communities

Baker, Chapter 4: Social, Economic and Cultural Origins of Contemporary Families
Bartle, Chapter Ten; More People; More Strangers
Bartle, The Economic Dimension: www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/
The Global Gazette: http://www.globalgazette.net

Inequality, Race, Sex, Age and Class

Bartle: Chapter 8: Not Equal
Bartle: Global Stratification
Bartle: Inequality
Bartle: Marx and Weber on class

Economics and Division of Labour

The Economic Dimension: www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/
Bartle: Home vs Work Conflict
Baker, Chapter 5: Paid and Unpaid Work; How Do Families Divide Their Labour
Bartle, Chapter Six: Six Dimensions (Section on Economic Dimension)
Centre for families, Work and Well-being: http://www.worklifecanada.ca/
Marx: http://faculty.olympic.edu/cbarker/deadsociologistsociety.htm

Political Dimension of Communities and Families

Baker, Chapter 5: Paid and Unpaid Work; How Do Families Divide Their Labour
The Political Dimension: www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/
Bartle: Family Politics
Bartle, Chapter Six: Six Dimensions (Section on Political Dimension)

Family Variations, Ethnicity in Canada

Baker, Chapter 6: Ethnic Families
Bartle, Chapter Two; Community Characteristics
Canadian Government, Ghana to Canada: http://www.settlement.org/cp/english/ghana/index.html
Bartle, Unity Organising: www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/
Meyer Bernstein: http://interplan.org/immig/im01004.htm (if still available)

The Family Life Cycle (1)

Baker, Chapter 7: Intimacy and Commitment in Family Formation

Matriliny and Bilateral Kinship (Akan case study)

Bartle: Covert Gynocracy; www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/cmp/ Click on Akan Studies
Bartle: Special Presentation on Kwawu Kinship (take notes).
(Library references: Christine Oppong, Robert Rattray and Meyer Fortes).
Mandell and Duffy,Chapter 4. Family Lives of Native Peoples, Immigrants, and Visible minorities

Socialization. Child rearing. Cultural Reproduction

"It Takes a Village." Seminar
Bartle: Gender and Language
Henslin Chapter 13, The Family; Initiation into Society (on reserve in the library)
Child and Family Canada: http://www.cfc-efc.ca/
Invest in Kids: http://www.investinkids.ca/
Bartle: Chapter 4; Becoming Human
Bartle: Chapter 9. Families
Bartle: Special Presentation on community roles in socialization (take notes).
Baker, Chapter 8: What are Children and How Do They Become Adults.
The Presentation of Self: http://ssr1.uchicago.edu//NEWPRE/CULT98/Goffman1.html
Bartle, Sapir and Whorf;
Dead Sociologists,
Socialization, http://www.umsl.edu/~rkeel/010/socializ.html
Goffman, http://www.cfmc.com/adamb/writings/goffman.htm
Goffman, http://www.spc.uchicago.edu/ssr1/NEWPRE/CULT98/Goffman1.html
Berger, http://www.spc.uchicago.edu/ssr1/NEWPRE/CULT98/Berger.html

The Incest Taboo as a Social Institution

Bartle: Chapter 9, Family and Kinship
Bartle: Incest Taboo

Lesbian and Gay Parents; Family Values

Mandell and Duffy, Chapter 7. Lesbian and Gay Parents
Bartle: Homosexuality
Bartle: Chapter 9, Family and Kinship
Ageing; Ties Over Time and Across Generations

Is a Seniors Home a Community?

Baker, Chapter 9: Family Lives of Middle Aged and Elderly
Mandell and Duffy, Chapter 1. Ageing and Families; Ties Over Time and Across Generations
Ontario, Ageing Families Resource: http://www.acl.on.ca/aging/resourcepage.html
Canadian Association for Retired Persons: http://www.fifty-plus.net/
American Association of Retired Persons: http://www.aarp.org/
Social Problems and Family Life

Baker, Chapter 10: Divorce and Remarriage
Bartle, Chapter 9; Family, Community, Society (Section on the Dark Side)
Bartle, Gender Strategies, www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/
Bartle, FGM, www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/
Divorce on Line: http://www.divorceonline.com/
BC Institute Against Family Violence: http://www.bcifv.org/
Community and Social Problems

Baker, Chapter 10: Divorce and Remarriage
Bartle, Chapter Eleven; Applying the Knowledge
Bartle, Gender Strategies: www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/
Bartle, Community Based Social Work: www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/

Family Violence; the Dark Side
Dysfunctional Families and Violence
Deviance, Social Control and Restorative Justice

Bartle: Chapter 9. Families; the Dark Side
Baker, Chapter 11: Patterns of Family Violence
Mandell and Duffy, Chapter 6. Family Violence
Mandell and Duffy, Chapter 6. Family Violence
Bartle: Chapters 11. Deviates and Control
Bartle: Female Genital Mutilation
Bartle: Restorative Justice;
Bartle: Criminal Sentence Purposes
Bartle, FGM, www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/
Minnesota Centre against Violence and Abuse: http://www.mincava.umn.edu/
Canada: First Nations Family Violence: http://www.ainc-inac.gc.ca/

Family Poverty and Economic Struggles

Bartle: Chapter 14; Poverty as a Social Problem
Mandell and Duffy, Chapter 9. Family Poverty and Economic Struggles

Feminism, Law and Public Policy
The Possible Roles of Government

Baker, Chapter 12: Families, The State and Family Policies
Mandell and Duffy, Chapter 10. "Politicizing the Personal" : Feminism, Law and Public Policy
Bartle: Glass Ceiling; Glass  Elevator
Commission on First Nations and Metis Justice Reform: http://www.justicereformcomm.sk.ca/

Making Families and Communities Stronger
The Community as a Mechanism for Intervention

Bartle: Chapters 7, 14
Bartle: Questions on Community Based Social Work;
Bartle. Community Based Social Work
Baker, Chapter 12: Families, The State and Family Policies
Campaign 2000 on Child Poverty: http://www.campaign2000.ca/
Canadian Council on Social Development: http://www.ccsd.ca/

The Future of Family Life

Baker, Chapter 13: The Future of Family Life
Bartle, Chapter Ten; More People; More Strangers

The Future of Communities

Bartle,  More People; More Strangers
Bartle, What is Community? www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/
Social Change Site: http://gsociology.icaap.org/
Revolution: http://www.spc.uchicago.edu/ssr1/NEWPRE/Change2/Skocpol.html
Wallerstein: http://www.spc.uchicago.edu/ssr1/PRELIMS/Change/chmisc2.html#WALLERSTEIN

Bartle: Glossary;
Bartle:  Writing Errors;

Other Topics:
Research Proposal
Family and Community Research
Using the Sixteen Elements of Strength
Henslin, Chapter 2. On reserve in college library. Research Methods.
Also see an article on writing social science papers.
Bartle: Chapters 15, 16 Research
Bartle, Community Research: www.cec.vcn.bc.ca/
Bartle: Participant Observation and Unobtrusive measures
Bartle: Research papers on the course page.
Bartle: Internet readings on research.
Trinity, Texas, Guide to Writing a Research Paper
Validity: http://www.cfmc.com/adamb/writings/marxpost.htm


You are urged to do your own research on these topics. Use Google and Yahoo.

If you copy text from this site, please acknowledge the author(s)
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