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The Sociology of Communities
An Introduction

ISBN 0-9737437-0-0

by Phil Bartle, PhD

Web references change: some come and go. That means not all of these will still exist by the time you get to them.  See a description of the Book.

What is Society? Not the People; It is their Actions and Thoughts. Community as Institution; Community and Society; Structure and Process. Ethnocentrism. The Nature of Society. The Sociological Perspective. Your Study of Sociology.

Bartle, The Sociological Perspective;
Bartle, Poker Game;
Bartle, Key Words, Anthropomorphise;
The Free Dictionary: Sociology;
Horace Miner, Body Ritual Among The Nacirema;
The Dead Sociologists Society
Trinity University, Texas; A Tour Through Sociological Cyber Space;

Re Viewing Culture: Symbols Instead of Genes. Culture and Learning. Ideal vs. Real Culture. Culture Conflict. Cultural Hegemony. Transcendence of Culture, Society, Community, Family.

Bartle, Cultural Dimensions;
Bartle, So You Want to Preserve Your Culture?
Bartle, Is Culture Inside Us or Outside Us?
Horace Miner, Body Ritual Among The Nacirema;
UPENN: Cultural Hegemony;
Bartle, Key Words, Culture;
Bartle, Dimensions, Six Dimensions.

The "I" of the Beholder: So how do you see it? Origins of the Major Approaches: Marx, Durkheim, Weber. The Classical Perspectives: Conflict; Functional; Symbolic Interactionism. Various Perspectives on Feminism

Bartle, Sociological Perspective;
Bartle, Eye of the Beholder;
Father of the Conflict Perspective: Karl Marx;
Father of the Structural Functional Perspective: Emile Durkheim;
Father of the Symbolic Interaction Perspective: Max Weber;
The Free Dictionary: Sociology;
Dead Sociologists: Dead Sociologists Society:
Trinity University, Texas, A tour through Sociological Cyber space;
Itgo: Murray State University, Joe Dunman, Durkheim; Solidarity;
Bartle, Key Words, Conflict;
Bartle, Key Words, Functionalism;
Itgo; Murray State University, Joe Dunman, The Durkheim Archives;

Becoming Human: Reproducing Culture. How do Societies and Social Institutions Reproduce Themselves? "Becoming Human" from the point of view of a society. Sapir-Whorf.

Goffman: The Presentation of Self:;
Bartle, Sapir and Whorf;
UMSL: Socialization;
The Home port Collective: Scott S Blake; Cultural Power and Discursive Effects;
Adam Barnhart; Goffman;
University of Chicago: Goffman;
University of Chicago: Berger;
Electronic Journal of Sociology, Commodifiction of Education, Peter Roberts;
Electronic Journal of Sociology, Commodifiction of Education, Beckett.

Six Dimensions: Dimensions. Blind Men and an Elephant. Six Sides of the Same thing: Dimensions of Culture = Dimensions of Community.

Bartle, Six Dimensions;
University of Chicago, Society of Social Research;

Bartle, Technological Dimension;

Bartle, Economic Dimension;
Bartle, Key Words, Economy
Monthly Review: http://www.monthlyreview.org/1098pan.htm;

Bartle, Political Dimension;
Bartle, Key Words, Political;

Bartle, Interactional Dimension;

Bartle, Values-Aesthetics Dimension;

Bartle, Worldview Dimension;
Durkheim: http://durkheim.itgo.com/religion.html;
Land Reform: Liberation Theology;
Socinian: Liberation Theology;
Earthlink: Liberation Theology;
University of Chicago: Geertz..

Community Characteristics: Warm and Fuzzy: Community Spirit. Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft. The contribution of Tönnies. Community Spirit can be Mean Spirited. The Nature of Community & Family. Essentialising. Constructed Communities.

Bartle, What is Community?
Bartle, Community Characteristics;
Bartle: Community;
Bartle, Gemeinschaft.

Organisation and Strength: Organisation and Strength. Rationalisation. Formal Organisations and Bureaucracy. Does Making a Community Stronger Remove its Essential Characteristics?

Bartle, Weber, Organization;
Dead Sociologists Society: Weber

Not Equal: The Fingers are Five Different Sizes. Social Extrapolations of Biological Differences (race, sex, age). Class. Classical Approaches: Production, Power, Prestige. Inequality.

Bartle, Inequality;
Bartle, Age, Race, Sex;

Bartle, Marx and Weber on class;

Gender Inequality:
Bartle, Gender Strategies;
Bartle, Key Words, Feminism;
Bartle, Key Words, Gender;

Age Inequality:
Canadian Association for Retired Persons: http://www.fifty-plus.net/;
American Association of Retired Persons: http://www.aarp.org/.

Race Inequality:
Martin Jacques, The Global Hierarchy of Race.
Bartle, Mosaic or Melting Pot?

Global Inequality:
Global Policy Reform: Albert;
Fordham; Wallerstein;
University of Chicago: Wallerstein;

Family: Living life and Raising Children. The Family. Variation. It Takes a Village. The Incest Taboo. Homosexuality. Just a Place to Sleep; a Home is not a House. Elders. The Dark Side.  Family in Community in Society: Two Spectra.

UMSL: Socialization;
Bartle, Female Genital Mutilation;
Bartle, Seven Biases in Family Literature;
Invest in Kids: http://www.investinkids.ca/;
Vanier Institute of the Family: http://www.vifamily.ca;
Centre for families, Work and Well-being;
Canadian Government, Ghana to Canada;

Religion: Beliefs and Institutions. Sacred, Profane, Secular.  Durkheim's Elementary Forms. Truth and History

Bartle, Notes on Religion;
Bartle, Values-Aesthetics Dimension;
Bartle, Worldview Dimension;
Bartle, Key Words, Belief;
Bartle, Key Words, Worldview;
Itgo: Durkheim: Religion;
Dead Sociologists Society: Durkheim, Weber
Land Reform: Liberation Theology;
Socinian: Liberation Theology;
Earthlink: Liberation Theology;
University of Chicago: Geertz.

Deviates and Control: Keeping us Walking the Line. Norms. Control: Who has it and How is it Manifested? The Social Role of Gossip. Defining and Identifying Deviates. Law and its Enforcement. Restorative Justice.

Bartle, Deviance;
Bartle, Law as a Tool of Oppression;
Restorative Justice: Circles; Justice Reform; Turtle Island;
Bartle, Restorative Justice.

More People; More Strangers: Urbanisation. Urbanism. Population Density. Social Change. Community Adaptation and Survival.

Statistics Canada: http://www.stacan.ca;
ICAAP: Social Change Site: http://gsociology.icaap.org/
University of Chicago: Revolution.
Bartle, Key Words, Acculturation;
Elaine Addison, Hannam University, Taejon, South Korea; A Fish Out of Water;

Canadian Government, Ghana to Canada;

Applying Sociology to Social Problems: Does it have any use? Practical Applications. Social Work vs Social Engineering. Using Communities to Intervene
Strengthening Communities and Fighting Poverty: Poverty as a Social Problem. Empowering People by Empowering Community.

Bartle, Applied Sociology;
Bartle, Key Words, Applied Sociology;
Bartle, Handbook for Mobilisers;
Bartle, Community Based Social Work;
Bartle, Key Words, Clinical Sociology;
Bartle, Income Generation;
Bartle, Factors of Poverty; The Big Five;
Bartle, Community Empowerment Mobilisers' Training modules;
Bartle, Female Genital Mutilation;
Bartle, Female Genital Mutilation. (mobiliser methods);
SAS: Society of Applied Sociology.

Search and Research: Finding Out. What is ? not what should be. Epistemology. Problems of Prediction and Cause. Various Methods of Obtaining Information. Ordering the Information.

Bartle, Knowing;
Bartle, Kinds of Research Methods;
Bartle, Participant Observation and Unobtrusive measures;
Bartle, Key Words, Causal;
Bartle, Using the Six Dimensions in Family Research;
The Web Centre for Social Research Methods;
Adam Barnhart: Validity. Knowledge;
Cornell: Research methods;
CFMC: Validity.

Community Research: Measuring Capacity. Community Ethnography.

Bartle, Community Research;
Bartle, Preliminary Family and Community Data;
Bartle, Social Organization of Family or Community;
Bartle, Using the Six Dimensions in Family Research;

End Stuff:
Athabaska University: Electronic Journal of Sociology;

You are urged to do your own research on these topics. Use Google and Yahoo.

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