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A Community Self Management Training Methodology

by Phil Bartle, PhD


This key document and its satellites explain the purpose and content of management training for low income communities and community groups, aimed at empowering those communities to engage in their own, self-directed development.

The community should not just be given resources; that creates dependency upon outside donations. It should be given encouragement and advice how to obtain resources. This includes provision of management training aimed at strengthening the ability of residents to take decisions, identify resources, and meet community objectives.

Management training was first developed in order to strengthen profit making corporations, because it has a capacity-building effect that goes beyond mere skill acquisition by individuals. So too, communities can become more effective, and therefore more strong (empowered), by the collective effects of management training.

Illustration 1: Community Gathering;
Raising Awareness:

Illustrtion 1; Community Meeting, Raising Awreness

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7. What Then?

Sustainable community development is the long term goal. A community project should only be the start of a social process.

The community management trainer must encourage community members to take advantage of successful completion of one project to decide upon doing another one, and stimulate a long term developmental process. While the immediate objective of a community may be the construction, extension or repair of a human settlements facility, the goal of the community management trainer, like that of the animator, is the increased capacity, empowerment and sustainable self reliance of the community.

The management trainer, like the animator, uses the desire for a community facility as a motivating factor in the empowerment of that community. Management training is not some formal course that simply imparts management skills on individual trainees. It is integrated with mobilizing and organizing of a community to act so as to help itself, to become more able to make decisions about its own development, and to influence its own destiny.


Illustration 18: Project Completion;
Ceremony & Celebration:

Illustration 18:  Completion, Ceremony and Celebration

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