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Hassan Nasir Mirbahar ( حسن ناصر میربحر )

Community Worker and Sindhi Language Translator


I live in Khairpur, Pakistan. I'm doing my B. Com part one. I am also working with a local NGO called 'Indus Resource Center' as a 'community mobiliser' in an 'Adult Literacy project.

I'm fond of music. My most favorite singer from Paki pop is Najam Sheraz. I also like Noori, EP, Junoon, Ali Zafar, Ahmed Jehanzeb, Fuzon, Craig David, U2.

My most favorite hobby is reading "Al-Quran", the verbatim of Al-mighty Allah. I have started reading it last Ramdan.

I like to play cricket but don't have much time to play these days. I have remained good table tennis player during my schools and I secured a second position in team event in provincial games called "Sindh School Games" in 1996.

"Go to the People" in Sindhi

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