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My name is Porzia. I was born and raised in Italy; currently, I live in the Netherlands with my husband and daughter.

I have always had a passionate interest for languages and literatures. Since I was a child, my favourite readings have been those of adventures in faraway, exotic countries.

Marco Polo was my hero and still is. Bruce Chatwin’s books are my bible. All travellers are welcome to my bookshelves.

I firmly believe that my curiosity for foreign lands and people is a kind of indirect love for mankind. Loving humans – more often than not - can be hard and off-putting; being fascinated by them, by contrast, is easy and ever fresh and appealing.

I would really like to work for an NGO and continue studying in the meanwhile.

I have a passion for travelling and I enjoy very much volunteering online through the UNOV project.

I hope to get more and more involved in the future!

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