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I’m Salaad Omar Ali. I live in Mogadishu, Somalia, born in 1973.

I was born in the city of Mogadishu (Somalia). I'm a community worker. I mobilize, train, Counsel and technically backstop the CECs (community education committees). Supporting communities to identify and solve their problems, promote equity and access, ensure transparency and accountability.

In my research for training modules and skills I found this site, I was very interested when I read I obtained every skill I've not expected. I used as a tool to mobilize and train communities. In that case, I decided to join volunteers of this site. I started translating Somali language.

Translating this site in to Somali language was more useful to many Somalis. Many Somali community workers sent me emails congratulating what I have done and encouraged me to continue translating into Somali language.

My hobbies: Reading, Meeting friends, Sports

My goal is to keep doing volunteer work. I think by volunteering we make a difference; it is an opportunity to help communities and to bring great benefits. It strengths communities to participate, plan and prioritize their needs.

"Go to the People" in Somali
"Is diyaarinta" (Getting Prepared in Somali)

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