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Hello, everyone. My name is Miki Shirai. I am pleased to support and be a member of this team. Since I studied English and International relationship at University in Japan and traveled a large number of countries, I have been interested in the differences between countries.

By using my English skills, I love translating and spread new facts and messages so that I can discover things with other people. It is very interesting to share information and situations from other countries, because Japanese people do not have many opportunities to reach various kinds of information by themselves. Do you know why it happens? The main reason is that there are much fewer people who can understand English easily in Japan compared to other countries. As we live in an island, we rarely use English in daily life and tend to forget it. This can be sometimes a cause of misunderstanding or lack of interests for the outer world..

However, it is also true that there are many Japanese people who long to know deep and latest information. It would be great if I could help earning information for those people not to just depend on what Japanese media tells. I enjoy seeing things from different points of view and find other aspects.

Thank you for reading!


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