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Central Neighbourhoods of Obo
Showing Stool Allocation
by Phil Bartle
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seguir el camino de la menor resistencia hace que todos los ríos –y algunos hombres– se tuerzan.
The wedge shaped land settlement pattern is also reflected in the land pattern of the town of Obo.  Each of the names on the above sketch refer to a matrilineage, an elder of the court, or a named neighbourhood of the town.  Compare this to the map I made in order to make a household survey. 

Amoakade is the royal matrilineage of Obo, Chief and Queen Mother. It belongs to the Aduana moiety along with the Ada clan. The lineage of the Kontihene, which is Aduana, is the oldest clan in the moiety.  The spelling, "Kuruntehene" is not exactly accurate, but that is what it sounds like, and is in many archival documents.  The lineage of the Ankobeahene is also Aduana, and can trace their history to the conversion from Guan to Akan, patrilineal descent to matrilineal descent.  The neighbourhood of the Amoakade Tano Hene is the one, related to the Obo royals, that owns the office of the Tano God, which came to Obo with the royal family from the head of the Tano River in what is now Brong Ahafo Region close to the Ivory Coast border.  The Gyaasehene, like the Minister of the Interior, is related to the royals of Asante in Kumase.

Ohantrase Obo Outside the Chief's Palace

The shortest distance is not always a straight line

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