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I was born and raised in South Africa. My home town was Pietermaritzburg and spent most of my younger years there. After a couple of years into high school (Carter High), my family moved over to Canada. We had never even left South Africa on vacation but took the leap and immigrated anyways. It was strange, exciting and very tough all at the same time but I now call Canada home. It was 1997 when we immigrated and now are quite settled. I finished my high school years and I'm now attending college.

As far as Afrikaans goes, up until grade 3 that is all I spoke, after which I switched to an English school. I still speak it at home with my mom and hopefully will keep doing so. It's a little reminder of where I'm from and who I am and I hope to never lose it.

"Totsiens" (Good Bye)
Bevan van der Berg

See Gaan na die Mense. ("Go to the People" in Afrikaans).

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