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We will help you, but only in the ways we can help

by Phil Bartle, PhD

When we mobilise a community for self reliance, we use many metaphors to illustrate principles. One such metaphor is “Do not ask a cow for eggs, and do not ask a chicken for milk.”

We can help you in several ways, but please understand the ways we can help you and the ways we can not. This is a training site, and we offer training documents, a few power point shows, and personal guidance of applying the principles and methods in your specific situation.

We can show you methods of applying for funding, with training documents on project design and proposals. We can provide you lists of various potential donor sources. As part of the email dialogue you may wish to start with us.

We can not, however, provide you with funding.

We are a loose association of specialists world wide, not an organized agency, and we operate totally on free, pro bono and unpaid contributions of writing documents and correspondence. We can guide you in using our applications for funding, but we can not proof read unsolicited proposals, essays or theses.

Ask the cow for milk, and ask the chicken for eggs.

We welcome your questions.


Apologies; I am not able to review unsolicited proposals for funding, reports, CVs, or post graduate proposals and theses, except those which we have together built up through dialogue, using the principles and guidelines here in the training documents. Phil.

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