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By Phil Bartle, PhD

To conserve space on the web site, we had to remove our power point versions of our training documents. These are still free and available to community mobilisers in the field and their managers and trainers. Not every training document has a power point version yet; we are working on that and looking for a volunteer to help. Are you interested in joining the team? If there is a sign indicating "Power" at the top of a document, please write to us and we will send you a power point copy by attachment. Please let us know how you are using the material, and about yourself and your work.

Several Power Point packages are available: (1) the first module, Getting Prepared, packaged in a zip file (also available in Somali); (2) the second module, Getting Started, zipped; {3} the third module, Getting Organised, zipped; (4} the fourth module, Into Action, also zipped; (5) the fifth module, Sustaining the Intervention, ditto; and separate shows: Lao Tsu's poem, Go to the People (in several languages), and the Mobilization Cycle, with African illustrations. Volunteers are now working on Portuguese and Spanish versions.

Our versions in html (web pages) and ascii (text files) remain on site, free for you to download. Please tell us what you are doing and how you are using the material.


If you are concerned with techniques of strengthening (empowering) low income communities, please write: academics, activists, educators, practitioners, mobilizers, managers, administrators, planners, researchers, students, trainers. We are interested in hearing from you. We welcome debate, discussion and dialogue. See our discusion group on Useful Links.

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 Following the path of least resistance makes all rivers and some men crooked

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