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by Phil Bartle, PhD

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Jafar made a valuable suggestion, that we set up a FAQ page, so I drafted this one. As you know, CEC is now partnered with WikiEducator, and my WikiEd buddy, Valerie, took this draft and put it on the WikiEd site, where it can be edited on line by anybody, and made some valuable additions and major structural changes. That is a major strength of any of the Wiki sites, the ability to collaborate. I then went to that version and added a few more points, and did some editing and polishing. I now suggest you go to that site by clicking on the WikiEd logo here, and see the improvements.


What does CEC mean?

CEC means Community Empowerment Collective. It is the not for profit association of members who contribute to the web site. CEC is registered as an association in British Columbia, Western Canada, and has an annual budget of zero. Members are from all over the world. The association is minimally structured, merely a collection of individuals, thus the word "collectivity."

How do you think your training material will help the poor workers?
How can they access it and benefit from it ?

The material is not aimed directly at poor workers, but is aimed at mobilisers and mobiliser trainers. It trains them in how to organize the poor workers (and other community members) to become more self reliant.

Mobilisers and trainers copy the material to their computers and print it out to use it at local training workshops. They also send in questions about the material, and we provide guidance according to those questions. Those mobilisers and trainers have computer access through their work, through Internet cafes, and even a few have their own computers.

Why is the material in so many languages?
Why is a certain document not in my language ?

It is in many languages because of volunteers like you who contribute (donate) their time, energy and knowledge to producing translations. As a contributing volunteer, you are a member of the association (CEC), which is located in cyber space. If a document is not translated, it is because we still need volunteer translators for it.

On what ideology do you base your work?

We try as much as we can to have no ideology or any political or religions agenda in our work We avoid theory and concentrate mainly on "How to" do things to encourage communities to make themselves stronger

Why do you use CatsCradle?
Why can't I translate directly ?

We are on line, and our training material is available to all on the Internet. Our documents are therefore web pages. We ask you to translate directly from web page to web page. The easiest and most direct way to do it is to use CatsCradle.

What if I find I have made a mistake after I send the translation ?

It takes much time and effort to massage a translation, preparing it with the right colours and graphics for the language to which it has been translated. Do not send your translation in a second time. If it is a minor error, just describe where it is and what it should be on a Word Document. If it is more elaborate, ask to send the document back, and make the corrections on the massaged version.

Will my certificate be issued only by your NGO or it will include that it is sponsored by the UN ?

A certificate will be issued by the UNV-OV (United Nations Online Volunteers) site after recommendation from our organisation. You must apply through the UNV-OV site and will need to complete an assignment (usually one module) to be eligible for the certificate.

How do you benefit from the material ?

No one of us gets paid for our work. Those of us who continue do so because we believe in the work and its value to poor people all over the world.

Can I obtain funding from CEC ?

No. CEC is a training site. It has training documents on how to propose and obtain money from donor agencies. If you write to the Web Smith and ask, he can also send you a list of possible donor agencies with their addresses.

Do you have more questions ?

Send them in.


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