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by Phil Bartle, PhD

Introduction to the Module (Hub)

Documents Included in this Measurement Module

How to measure the extent that communities become stronger – more empowered

The sixteen elements listed several times in this site, are very important. They are the basis for four different activities.

  1. Promoting the strengthening (empowerment) of communities;
  2. Stimulating the capacity development of organizations;
  3. Measuring the strengthening of communities; and
  4. Measuring the capacity change of organizations.

This module concentrates on one of those four, the measuring of progress in empowering low income communities. As you practice and become more skilled in this effort, you will find it easier, more understandable, and natural to engage in the other three endeavours.

Pay attention to the sixteen elements because they will appear in the other three activities, and it is useful for you to know each of them intimately.

How can strength, or changing levels of strength, be measured? Link to Participatory Methods of Measuring Empowerment.

What are those components, or elements, of community and organizational capacity, that change as a community or organization becomes more empowered? Link to: The Sixteen Elements of Community Empowerment.

To accompany these, several workshop handouts have also been prepared as part of this module. These include: the Sixteen Elements of Empowerment, handout;Participants' Notes to Measuring Increased Capacity, handout; and the Form for Measuring Change in Power, handout.

Complementary Modules: Empowerment Principles, Capacity Development.

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