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by Phil Bartle, PhD

Introduction to the Module (Hub)

Documents Included in this Business Training Module

What skill training is needed for participants in micro enterprise income generation?

Skills Needed for Generating Wealth:

After you have organized a credit organization, composed of an umbrella group consisting only of members of its trust groups, the organization will become a vehicle for training its members in the skills necessary for each running her or his own micro enterprise.

This module looks at some of the skills that will be needed by the members, and at how you might go about providing the necessary skills transfer.

The kinds of skills needed include:
  • Credit skills: borrowing money, dealing with banks or other creditors, interest;
  • Financial skills: keep accurate records, make budgets, calculate profits and losses;
  • Planning and Management skills; to manage people, physical resources, finance;
  • Communication skills: speaking, writing, listening, reading;
  • Marketing skills; research, sales, entrepreneurship;
  • Technical skills: the applied physics, chemistry, biology, craft and artisan skills of a chosen profitable and productive enterprise.

Training documents currently include five needed topics, pamphlets several pages long, for both facilitators and participants: Choosing a Micro Enterprise, participants' notes for selecting a viable business; Planning a Micro Enterprise, planning methods for running an enterprise; Financial Training, a check list of training topics in financial recording and reporting; Business Records, the why and how of keeping cash records; and Marketing, a quick course in marketing for mobilizers of micro entrepreneurs.

For the facilitator, whose skills are more in organizing a community group for action, just having documents on the skills needed will not be enough. It is necessary to plan and carry out a programme of training that is geared specifically to meet the needs fo the low income persons, many illiterate, to run viable businesses. The document Micro Enterprise Training, Facilitator's Notes, will guide you in your own planning and management of a programme.

This module is aimed at helping to balance two separate requirements: (1) providing the skill transfer that each of the clients will need to run a viable business, and (2) designing a skill transfer programme that is desired by and chosen by those clients. That will require considerable dialogue between the facilitator and the participants.


Challenging the Participants:

Challenging the Participants

Complementary Modules: Income Generation, Credit Organization
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