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Story Two

She did not know Her Goals

by Phil Bartle, PhD


Short stories to illustrate the principles

Faith was so busy. There were seven villages in the district for which she was responsible. She rode her four wheel motorcycle from village to village, long hot and tiring travel.

“These people do not respect education,” said the District Administrator. I want you to make them send their children to school.”

Since she went from village to village anyway, she included speeches to encourage the people to send their children to school.

“These people still worship the devil,” said her pastor. “I want them to attend church.”

So she added speeches telling them they should attend church. “These people do not practice good hygiene,” said the district nurse. So she began adding speeches telling them to wash their hands and use latrines. And so it went; whenever another official suggested the villagers do this or that, Faith added more speeches to her routine, At the end of the year not a single community facility had been constructed or repaired.

“Why?” said Faith.

“We listen to you every time you visited, said some villagers, “But you never seemed to get started in helping us get done what we want.”

These stories are based on actual events. The names of people and places have been changed for the sake of anonymity.

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