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by Phil Bartle, PhD

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See: Organizing the Grant Writing Process, by Michelle K. Carter.

How to get what you need to do what you want

The action that you stimulate in a community, when you mobilize and organize community members, is often called a project. It can be a construction or maintenance project of a communal facility (eg water supply, clinic, school, sanitation), a series of training sessions (eg hygiene education, functional literacy) or social action (for tenants' rights, crime mitigation, street gang diversion).

There is a paradox in that all the needed resources for such a project may not be available in the affected community, although this series of empowerment modules argues that there are far more internal resources than initially realized. Too much reliance on outside resources produces and enhances the "dependency syndrome," which, in its extreme forms, means the community is so apathetic and disorganized that it will do nothing for itself.

What is the mobilizer to do? Use these modules in drawing a fine line between seeking some outside resources, assisting community members to rely more on internal resources, and not overdo the reliance on external resources. The more the community relies on its own resources for a project (see the project design module), the more practised it becomes in doing so, and the more empowered it becomes.

There are several web pages concerned with this issue. Proposals is a how-to document for NGOs and CBOs seeking approval or money for a specific project; Proposals Chapters is a workshop handout listing the needed chapters; Proposal Check List Handout is another workshop handout, for both writers and donors to use in ensuring everything needed is included; Resource Acquisition, is a guidelines document for communities seeking resources; and Fund Raising describes various methods of obtaining funds for NGOs and CBOs.

For examples of project proposals, see: www.developmentgateway.org.

This site is not a source of funds, but this module can teach you how to get funds.
See: Cows and Chickens.

Complementary Modules: Community Project Design

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