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My name is Hanny Purnama Sari, I was born in Jakarta, raised in a small happy family. My dreams are travelling around the world, working in ministry of foreign affairs, becoming a diplomat, but yet still able to manage my life…

I’m married, and grateful to have a husband that share many common values. I spend most of my spare time reading books, novel, (I’m Agatha christie’s fans).

Love to see movies, especially those with Tony Leung in it, (Red Cliff will be a classic movie!). I’m an amateur chef, pancake’s junkie, and dying to make the right one!

Right now, I’m still translating, writing, mentoring and making my 1001 places to see before I die, along with my 1001 things to do before I die…

Hope I can see the world before 40, and stress-free!!

Mengorganisir Masyarakat
Ke Kata Kunce Halaman

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