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Women I; Food

by Phil Bartle, PhD

Women are involved with food in four main ways, farming, marketing, cooking and ritual. In all four cases, their involvement is usually as independent producers; they are not managed or controlled by anybody (eg husbands or fathers). The exception is while they are young and learning; they learn from their mothers or other women that raise and socialize them. For more about the traditional independence of Akan women, see Covert Gynocracy. Links are here also to ritual uses of food and to working with clay, more work for women.

Marketing     Clay     Women and Children in the Kitchen     Food for the Gods

Market               Clay            Cooking               Ritual




Art by Eva Campbell

Selling Tomatoes

Palm wine seller

Selling Palm Wine


Pounding Fufu

Preparing Fufu

Fufu, the Elite Starch of the Akan

Fufu in Light Soup



Extracting Palm Oils

Palm Oil Preparation


Food for the Gods

Files in the Gender Set
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