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Road Transport

by Phil Bartle, PhD

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View of Busy Accra Street from a Flyover (an Overpass)


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Fuel in Remote Areas

I never had much trouble getting petrol (gasoline) in the remote areas where I needed to travel for my research. One time, however, my oil was low in my motorcycle and none was available. I bought some palm oil, and it worked well, although my engine smelled like supper.



Roadside Vulcanizer (Tire Repairs)

Road Repair

I have heard that roads are much better these days. In the seventies that was not the case.


During the colonial era, 1901 - 1957, the British built many bridges. With cheap labour, and before the ubiquitous Bailey Bridge became popular, bridges were built of stone, and were very sturdy.

Inspecting a Stone Bridge

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