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Ghana, Akan, Kwawu, Obo
por Phil Bartle
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Following the path of least resistance makes all rivers -- and some men -- crooked.
The maps on this site are designed to illustrate and enhance several other topics, notably history, land and settlement patterns, and locations. Together, they can be seen as a separate topic, but are best when used as references in conjuction with other pages.


  • Map of Ghana,  This is an outline of the country of Ghana showing the location of Kwawu on it.
  • Kwawu Historical; Kwawu developed mainly on the escaprpment, but also had interesting events on the Afram Plains, north of the Excarpment
  • Trade Routes; Wars and the expansion of the Akan, including Kwawu, was mainly about the acquisition and control of trading routes through the rainforest.
  • Sketch of Kwawu; The pie shaped distribution of lands around settlements applied to the whole of Kwau and is sketched here.
  • Geology of Kwawu; A vertical cross section of the escarpment with the lowlands to the south and the Afram to the north.
  • Sketch of Obo; The map that I constructed in order to make a household survey of Obo
  • Central Obo; The pie shaped land distribution pattern repeats itself in the old section of Obo focused on the chief's palace and the ancestral stool houses of the old matrilineages.
  • Settlement Patterns. A diagramme showing the origin and development of the pie shaped pattern.
The shortest distance is not always a straight line
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Mapa de Ghana
Barrios centrales de Obo
Centro de Obo
Historia de Kwawu Kodiabe
Rutas comerciales a través de Kwawu
Patrón de asentamientos
Geología de Kwawu


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