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by Phil Bartle, PhD

Burma Camp

During World War II, soldiers recruited from the then Gold Coast Colony, earned international recognition for their participation in the war theatre in Burma.

Subsequently, Ghana's primary military establishment has been known as Burma Camp.

Several times, after military coups, officers running the country chose to operate out of Burma Camp, instead of out of the Castle, the usual seat of government in Accra.

Today Kwawu does not supply military personal in any higher proportion than any of the ethnic groups or traditional states of Ghana.

Afahye at Mpraeso, Kwawu       

In traditional chieftaincy events, such as afahye, military participation tends to be sporadic and infrequent. The frequency increased at times when the military were in control of the state government.


Black Star Square

The military symbolism, especially of military parades with marching and music, has much in common with the traditional festivals and war dances of the Akan. Few military would like to see themselves compared with the aesthetic cultural activities of dance and theatre, but that is what they do, choreography.

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