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Key words that begin with the letter J

by Phil Bartle



The word "jihad" (in Islam) is often badly translated as "holy war" in English; as if people could be converted in their beliefs by warfare. A more correct understanding of "jihad" is the "struggle" required for spiritual growth. It is the exertion or endeavor required in striving to seek the spiritual.

The "empowerment" methodology on this site for strengthening communites is something like that. It is the notion that, by making effort, an organism becomes stronger. "No pain; no gain," the saying goes, meaning that effort is needed to progress.

See the story, Mohammed and the Rope.

 Català: jihad,    Deutsch: Dschihad,    Ελληνικά: tzixant,    English: jihad,    Español: jihad,    Français: jihad,    Italiano: Jihad,    Português: jihad,    Română: jihad,    Srpski: džihad,    Türkçe: Cihat,    中文 (Zhōngwén): 杰哈德

August 21

Dear Sir or Madam:

Other day I was searching some management notes on the net, I came across note provided by you “Community Empowerment” I got a print out of all, and they really helped me about they subject I was in need, the note is well-prepared and serve the purpose in most areas.

The word “Jihad” has been translated into English as a spiritual growth, which is totally and purely mistranslation, and I therefore strongly object on it. Jihad means Holy War for Muslims against invasion, incursion and so on all over the world, this is of course a Arabic word, Islam Scholar has translated this word into English the same way, this is not a simple translation that one will think so. Some professionals did it, and through out the world, Jihad is known as a holy war against occupation, invitations and so on.

My suggestion is that could you please revise the note, and make true translation of the said word.

Thanks for your cooperation in advance
Best regards,

Mohammad Haroon
"Mohammad Haroon" <mhd_haroon@yahoo.com

Location: unknown
Occupation: unknown
Credentials: unknown

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