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Be a More Effective Mobiliser

by Phil Bartle, PhD

Introduction to the Module (Hub)

An important responsibility for a community mobiliser is to take care of the mobiliser.

A mobiliser needs to be strong and confident, providing leadership and assurance to the community by her or his own personal identity.

Disappointment can cause discouragement, and a discouraged mobiliser can not be effective.

Be sure, the disappointments will be many, and therefore the mobiliser needs some means or mechanisms to replenish the necessary confidence, motivation, enthusiasm and positive manner.

This module looks at some of the means by which the mobiliser can counteract the normal wear and tear of doing the job.

The "Problems as Gifts" document takes a lesson from Mother Theresa's scrap book.  Renaming things sometimes helps us to gain a different perspective on things.  Ask any spin doctor.

The  document points out that the name we give to something affects how we think of it. Mobilisers will always have problems .They will appear less threatening and more easy to solve if they are called "Gifts" instead.

The "Share with Other Mobilisers" document urges you to make regular and predictable contact with other mobilisers currently working in the field.  Sharing both successes and failures will help strengthen your own skills and motivation.

The "Positive Affirmations" document shows you how you can become what you want to be by saying so often and regularly.  Writing out affirmations, putting them in places where you will see them each day, and saying them every time you see them is a simple, but effective method.

Say what you mean and mean what you say is advice to take the less easy road in what you say, increase your success rate, and maintain your health and happiness.

Role Models (under construction)

The "Stay Honest" document argues that being dishonest produces more stress than being honest, and a mobiliser will be more healthy if honest.

The "Smile and laugh" document points out that not only does being happy cause you to smile and laugh, but smiling and laughing cause you to be happy.

The "Keep on Learning" document suggests that learning not only makes you a more skilled mobiliser, it contributes to your health.

The "Booze and Drugs" document suggests that alcoholic drinks and recreational drugs are best not mixed with the life of a mobiliser.

The "Exercise – Walks" document tells us to exercise regularly to help remain healthy. the best exercise is a daily walk, and requires no equipment or special location.

The document, "Do Not Take Yourself So Seriously" suggests to put things into perspective. Are we so important? Is this so important? To be able to laugh at ourselves takes much courage, but also strengthens our courage.


*Note The late Peter Gzowski (Gzosky, Gzowsky) was a broadcaster (radio host) on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) who was well known for bringing Canadians from this geographically huge but wildly disparate country to an understanding of each other and to appreciate the culture and arts of each other. As an unpaid hobby, he dedicated his spare time to reaching and helping non literates to learn how to read and write, and to love doing it.

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