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By Phil Bartle, PhD

Any contributor to the Community Empowerment site is a member of the team. Even a single illustration is a welcome contribution.

The main purpose of the site is to provide training material for community field workers and their managers, so illustrations are a vital part of that purpose. The original illustrations were produced in Uganda, and they illustrated the training material which was used for training mobilisers there.

They therefore have an African ambience, in the form of costumes, the physical environment, and the background details. There has been an encouraging demand for this training material in other places, inner city poverty pockets in rich countries, Eastern Europe, Asia, ethnic enclaves, First Nations reserves, and poor communities around the world. With that demand has also come a request for illustrations that are relevant to those other places. Therefore the need for volunteers to produce them.

There are several guidelines for illustrations for this site.

The illustration needs to be in black and white; no grey scale, no colour. This makes it photocopy-able by the widest range of machines, especially those in low income areas. It also uses the smallest number of bytes, and therefore more easily downloaded by computers that are not state of the art.

The size should be about three quarters the size of a computer screen. Best if you use a letter sized white paper, A4 or 8 ½ by 11, and cut it in half. The illustration will therefore correctly be in landscape not portrait alignment. If you use a larger paper, say a letter size turned sideways, I will have to reduce it, which makes the lines thinner, and that sometimes makes a few lines disappear, so you will have to use a fatter pen.

Yes, use a pen, preferably an illustrator’s pen, medium width, black ink. Pencil does not scan well. Use white paper, not lined, not tracing paper.

You may choose your topics according to what you see as needed, and what you would like to draw. As a starting point, look at the original drawings and choose the same topics, with your chosen ambience.

Further to those, you may see some training documents which cry for an illustration, write to me for dialogue, and we can work up a new illustration. You may wish to dialogue with me before each illustration you choose to do.

Since these training documents are part of the arsenal in the war against poverty, many of the illustrations will have elements of poverty in them. Since you are entitled to have your own profile page, and your CV or résumé, on the site, you may use this as an opportunity to raise your public profile, and to obtain further employment or sales.

You can send me digital photos of a few examples of your other work, and I will put them on to either or both of your profile page and CV. Furthermore, you may put your membership on the team, as a voluntary, pro bono, activity, onto your résumé.

There is no money available for paying for contributions to this site. Our annual budget is zero. Your contributions are much appreciated. These training documents are valuable for helping low income communities become more self reliant.

You can help:

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