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By Phil Bartle, PhD

The main purpose of the site is to provide training material for community field workers and their managers. There are many opportunities to do volunteer work for this site.

One important need is in producing power point versions of the training documents. The first module, in English, is finished. Versions in French and Spanish are needed, and power point shows are needed for the other modules.

It is not necessary to know about Community Empowerment or the War on Poverty, but working as a volunteer on this site means that close association will allow you to learn more. Since you are entitled to have your own profile page, and your CV or résumé, on the site, you may use this as an opportunity to raise your public profile, and to obtain further employment or sales.

Furthermore, you may put your membership on the team, as a voluntary, pro bono, activity, onto your résumé.

You can help:

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