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By Phil Bartle, PhD

The main purpose of the site is to provide training material for community field workers and their managers. There are many opportunities to do volunteer work for this site.

You are invited to write documents for this web site. This is an opportunity to contribute to the war on poverty, and guide low income communities towards self reliance and empowerment.

Practical “how to” papers are most required. The main audience is composed of community workers in the field and their trainers, with a middle school education. Highly sophisticated theoretical, academic or scholarly documents are not needed, and this is not where to write reports on conditions or situations in the field, even “Best Practices.”

The language should be simple though correct, and easy to read. Active voice, common vocabulary and uncomplicated grammar are best.

If you need to use some jargon or words specific to the topic, please include a “Key Words” list at the bottom, explaining those words. They can be put in the Key Words section of the web site, and links made to them from your paper.

Specific sectors can be included, such as urban farming, community health, specific diseases, facility construction, or advocacy. Emphasis should be on methods of ensuring community participation in decision making, and techniques to be used by community workers.

Look at some of the contributions by various authors: Jacques Slik, Kamal Phuyal, Ben Fleming, Michelle Carter, Rosalind Boyd.

You may put your membership on the team, as a voluntary, pro bono, activity, onto your résumé (CV).

You can help:

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A Workshop:

A Workshop

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