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Materi Yang Ada Di Sini Bukanlah Hasil Kerja Satu Orang

oleh Phil Bartle, PhD

diterjemahkan oleh Nanang E.S.

Tentang situs ini:

Situs ini dibuat dan dikelola atas dasar pro bono, kerelawanan, pelayanan umum cuma-cuma, oleh sejumlah individu. Lihat The Collective. Kontribusi kerelawanan anda selalu disambut baik (dan akan diumumkan di situs ini), termasuk tanya jawab. Kirim komentar dan pertanyaan anda untuk kami jawab.

Beberapa relawan telah memberi satu kontribusi, sebuah terjemahan atau ilustrasi. Yang lainnya telah melakukannya dalam jumlah ratusan. Beberapa relawan berbuat selama satu minggu, yang lain dalam waktu yang telah bertahun-tahun.


Touqeer Abbas lives in Pakistan and has translated most of the handbooks into Urdu.

Mohammed Ag Acharom works in Mali, and arranged for the Bambara Kan translation of “Go.”

Soobia Afroz

Paul Agbedor in Ghana translated the "Go" poem into Ewe.

Sonya Allen lives in the USA and coordinated Filipino/Tagalog.

Luis Claudio Correia dos Anjos translates to Portuguese

Garazi Arteagoitia Aguirre translated the "Go" poem into Euskera (Basque).

Charanjev Aheer in Canada translated the "Go" poem into Punjabi.

Ambroise Agbogba translated into French.

Jin An translates documents into Chinese.

Edward Anafi is a medical doctor in Ghana and contributed a paper about HIV AIDS.

Aileen Antolin in the Philippines translated documents into Tagalog.

Betha Apriana in Denmark translated into Bahasa Indonesia.

Michael Adrid in Afghanistan ensured the inner workings of the Tagalog page links.

Ravi Badri.

Oana Bajka translated to Romanian.

John Balolong in the Philippines translated documents into Tagalog.

Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza translated into French.

Carmen Barbu translates into French.

Anna Barseghyan lives in Yerevan, Armenia, coordinates Russian translations, and translated the Go poem into Armenian.

Greg Bartle, Phil's son in Montreal, a land architect, drew the diagramme for the rope pump.

Phil Bartle is publisher, editor, Board Member, and web smith of this site in Victoria, Cananda. He wrote many of the training documents on it.

Ianire Basabe in the USA translates into Spanish.

Elias Bene from Mozambique, at university in Portugal, translated documents into Portuguese.

Meghna Bhatt in India translated the "Go" poem into Hindi.

Jamie Bibit in the Philippines translated documents into Tagalog.

Mirinha Lara Bicalho lives in Brazil, coordinated right to left languages (Arabic, Pashto, Punjabi, Sindhi, and Urdu) and was one of three coordinators of coordinators.

Rupal Rawat Bisht was a special coordinator for troubleshooting.

Lonela Bloxom, a long time family friend, translated the "Go" poem into Tagalog.

Kwabena Boateng is a Ghanaian living in Victoria, Canada, translates into Twi (Akan), and provides computer services. Board Member.

Dr. Larry Bomford in Victoria, Canada, is a retired agricultural economist. He helps to answer specific questions sent by mobilizers in the field.

Al Boss in Seattle, USA, originally set up this site when Phil was in Uganda and had no access to the Internet at the time. Al continues as a mentor and trouble shooter. Board Member.

Anna Bosi in Italy translated into Italian.

Doreen Boyd works for the UNDP in the Caribbean, and wrote a guest paper about participatory appraisal.

Anna Bowman translated some documents into Russian.

Eli Brant translated the "Go" poem into Hebrew.

Wayne Browne translated the "Go" poem into Bosnian, Serbianand Hrvatski.

Florenz (Jessica) Buen in the Philippines translated documents into Tagalog.

Myla Burke in California, America, translated documents into Tagalog.

Roberto Cancel lived in China, now in the USA, coordinated the Bahasa Indonesia volunteer translators, and advised on operating the web site. Solved problems.

Jasmine Canton in the Philippines translated documents into Tagalog.

Michelle Carter in the USA wrote a guest document guiding grant writing.

Patricia Cepeda

David Cetina coordinates Korean volunteers

Carmen Chan

Don Chan in Vancouver, Canada, a labour leader in the provincial public service, translated the "Go" poem back into its original Chinese.

Marcellus Chegge is a Kenyan (my friend and former colleague)  working for the UN (UN-HABITAT) was in Iraq, evacuated to Jordan, and now returned to Kenya, translated some documents into Kiswahili.

Juliet Cho translated some Korean Documents.

Leandro Chu in Brazil was a Portuguese translator

Laura Larisa Ciortea translated into Romanian.

Paula Constantinesqu translated the "Go" poem into Romanian.

DJ Corey

Salaad Cumar lives in Somalia and translated some documents into Somali.

Andrea Cuyos in the Philippines translated documents into Tagalog.

Brennie Dalgeish coordinated African languages

Sonia Denoix from Switzerland proofread French translations.

Pieter van Dongen translated the "Go" poem into Nederlands (Dutch).

Kindra Douglas translated the "Go" poem into Maori.

Jean-Philippe Drécourt translated to French and provided computer assistance.

Ignatius Duhu lives in Nigeria and co-ordinated the Igbo translation of the "Go" Poem, and translated it into Yoruba.

Andria Durney was our English Coordinator, wrote the newletter and edited documents in English.

Md. Ershadul Karim translates to Bangla.

Victoria Amponsah Essah from Ghana has translated the Go Poem into Guan

Irma Ferran lives in Spain, coordinated the Portuguese translators, and translated into Catalan.

Ivone Ferreira is in Portugal and translates into Portuguese.

Paul Ffifen translated a document into French.

Ben Fleming in Australia, who trained autochthonic police officers in the South Pacific, wrote guest papers and provides conceptual feedback.

Fabienne Flessel translates documents into French.

Dr. Lenie Galicha in the Philippines translated documents into Tagalog.

Bárbara Gama translates to Spanish

Sergio Xavier Gama translates to Spanish

Eliane Garcez, a Brazilian living in New York, translates documents into Portuguese.

Maureen Genetiano lives in the Philippines and translates into Tagalog, Cebuano and Bicolano.

Tesfay Ghebray lives in Germany and translated the "Go" poem into Amharic, Tigray and Saho.

Jonathan Gentille in Victoria, is our Board Chair.

Ana Carolina Gonçalves translated documents into Portuguese.

Xianjing (Maggie) Gu has translated documents into Chinese.

Lulu Guan translated documents into Chinese.

Stephanie Guico translated into French.

Yuli Hastadewi translated into Bahasa Indonesia.

Yomna Fouad Sabry Haykal from Egypt lives in Kuwait and translated into Arabic.

Liu Haotian is currently in the USA; he translated and coordinated Chinese translations.

Dwi Aryo Tjipto Handono translated into Bahasa Indonesia.

Hanny Purnama Sari Harryono Wishnuardi translates into Bahasa Indonesia and coordinates Indonesian volunteers.

Yomna Fouad Sabry Haykal de l’Égypte vit au Koweït et traduit vers l’ arabe.

Reinaldo Hernández lives in Cuba, translated into Spanish and made Power Points.

Evelyn Hernandis does not speak English, but translated from Spanish into French.

Agnès Hérouard, living in Shanghai, China, translated a page into French.

Kazuoki Honda translated documents into Japanese.

Ayako Hoshima translated several documents into Japanese.

Diana Ignat translated to Romanian.

Guillaume Jacquet in France translated several pages into French.

Victoria De Jesus in the Philippines translated documents into Tagalog.

Gudrin Johansdottir of Iceland translated the "Go" poem into Icelandic.

Saraswathi Kaja lives in the USA, coordinated Italian translations and translated documents into Telugu.

Jenjira Kanjanajaruaty translated documents into Thai.

Lee, Woong Kee translated Korean Documents.

Li An Jing translated documents into Chinese.

Nellie Khamuya translated the "Go" poem into Luhya.

Ah Sun Kim (Lonela’s colleague), translated the poem into Korean.

Kim, Seyoung translated documents into Korean.

Haseeb Kiyani in Pakistan, translated the "Go" Poem into Urdu.

Marie Krishnan in Paris translated into French.

Vaidehi Krishnan lives in India and wrote several poems.

Mary Jane Kunnizzi is a translator and teacher in the Yukon, and translated the “Go” poem into Gwich’in.

Julianna Kuruhiira in Uganda has drawn many of the illustrations on the site.

Anne Lacourcière translated into French.

Claire Lechasseur translated several pages into French.

Piter Leal translated into Portuguese.

Hélia Dezimahata Lory translates key words into Portuguese.

Estella Lucas translated into French.

Anna Łukasiewicz lives in Australia, and translated into Polish, French and Spanish.

Cecilia Lunati in Itali translated into Italian

Mercedes Vargas Machuca (Meche) produit des illustrations pour le site.

Sam Mangaeia lives in Mozambique and translated some documents into Portuguese.

Elena Marco translated the "Go" poem into Catalan.

Rastislav (Rusto) Martinka translated the "Go" poem into Slovak.

Melissa Marquez lives in the Philippines and is a computer specialist for the site.

Pamela Marvilla in America translates documents into Tagalog.

Joyce Maskam lives in Surinam and translated to Nederlands (Dutch)

Dr B. M. Mbah translated the "Go" poem into Igbo.

Kevin McGowan lives in the UK and coordinated the Tagalog translators.

Adriana McMullen, contributed an illustration with a First Nations ambience, and is a  Board Member.

Rupande Mehta in India translated into Gujarati.

Sheila Mendoza in the Philippines translated documents into Tagalog.

Hon. Joseph Dziwonu-Mensah translated the "Go" poem into Ewe and is a cultural advisor.

Jiejun Miao in China coordinated Chinese translations.

Allison Miller in Victoria, Canada, contributed a poem and is a Board Member.

Clara Milochau from France is translating the Akan Studies section of the site into French.

Hassan Nacir Mirani, who lives in Pakistan, made several Sindhi translations, and coordinates right to left languages: Arabic, Sindhi, Pashto, Punjabi and Urdu. He also helps out with computer processes.

Jan-Egil Mosand, a Norwegian who headed up Norwegian Church Aid in the Zambia, a friend since we were both living in Peshawar near the Khyber pass between Afghanistan and Pakistan, translated the "Go" poem into Norwegian.

Mutinta Munyati, a Zambian in Kenya, translated the "Go" poem into Tonga.

Nestor Mutanga from Zimbabwe lives in Victoria and translated the "Go" poem into Shona.

Elizabeth Nakou in Greece translates into Greek.

Nanang E.S in Indonesia, translated into Bahasa Indonesia and coordinated Indonesian translators.

Sonia Naveed translated into Urdu and was a designated link checker for the site.

Ovidiana Ariella Netedu translated to Romanian

Poliana Nieto lives in Brazil and translated into Portuguese.

Hendrick Niyondagara from Montreal, Canada, translated a page into French.

Paulo Nunos translated a document into Portuguese.

Fabiola Ferreira Oliveira, Portuguese and German translator.

Joshi Pankaj lives in Nepal and translated into Nepalese.

Danny Park translated some Korean Documents.

Nan Park translated documents into Korean.

Saeme Park in Korea translated into Korean.

Kamal Phuyal, from Nepal, on assignment in Japan, wrote two papers about PAR/ PRA.

Erika Polinag in the Philippines translated documents into Tagalog.

Md. Nahid Hasan Raju translates into Bengali.

Rahmadianto translated the Go poem into Javanese.

Sekar Ayu Rarastri translated into Bahasa Indonesia.

Inês Rato in Portugal translates sociology pages to Portuguese.

Silke Reichrath lives in Ottawa,  translates into French and German, co-ordinates the French and German translators and is a Board Member.

Edna Rodriquez translated the "Go" poem into Portuguese.

Monica Rodriguez translated into French and coordinated the Africa translators: Kiswahili, Wolof, Akan.

Blanca del Rosio in the Philippines translated into Tagalog.

Marie-Laure Ross from France has completed the translation of three modules and several guest papers into French.

The biggest volunteer contribution to this site is by Maria Lourdes Sada, who has translated most of the training material into Spanish, is a  Board Member, coordinates the Spanish, Catalan and Basque translators, is one of three coordinators of coordinators, and is Web Manager for the MPFC site.

Dorothy Saguing in the Philippines translated documents into Tagalog.

Sara Carolina Sakoda translated into Spanish.

Rochelle Sampy translated documents into French.

Gabriela Catarina Leite Santos translated into Portuguese.

Indira Dian Saraswati translated to Bahasa Indonesia.

Billa Sarath translated the "Go" poem into Telugu.

Savina Savidis from Quebec proofread French translations.

Kathrin Schubert lives in Germany and translated into German.

Shilpa Sharma translated into Gujarati and Hindi, and coordinated the South Asian portions (Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi) of the web site.

Desislava Shtarvanova translated into Bulgarian.

Rafaela Silva translated into Portuguese.

Martim Silveira translated into Portuguese.

Raisa Sinelnikova is a community worker and programme manager in Byelorussia and translated several documents into Russian.

Avni Singh translated into Hindi.

Jacques Slik lives in Canada and wrote a module on reading.

Justin Smith made Power Points and is a Board Member.

Maria Cristina Pereira de Souza translated to Portuguese. See Building a Credit Union, The ISS research and Social Research.

Liana Souza translated to Portuguese.

Tarsila Souza translated Powerpoint material into Portuguese.

David Stockwell translated the "Go" poem into Turkish.

David Stott, our founding Board Chair, is a  Board Member, wrote a page on timing, and is writing a document about urban gardening.

Lucas Tcacenco translates into Portuguese.

Gabrielle Thevenon from France proofread French translations.

Janita Thomson in Australia is our volunteer coordinators manager, and coordinates Tagalog and African language translators.

John Thomsen translated "Go" the poem into Danish.

Loredana Tirziu translated to Romanian

Bruce Tufford lives in Victoria and is a computer specialist.

Bevan van der Berg was my sociology student, originally from South Africa, translated the "Go" poem into Afrikaans.

May Virola in Canada translated documents into Tagalog.

Dionisio (Jun) Vitan from the Philippines translated documents into Tagalog.

Christine Voigt is in Germany, a friend of Phil's daughter, Amanda, who came to our home for Christmas, 2003, and translated into German.

Ville Vuorinen translated the "Go" poem into Finnish.

Arny Wahyuni translated into Bahasa Indonesia.

Rivai Wardhani translated into Bahasa Indonesia.

Wai King Lung Matthew (Matthew Wai) lives in Hong Kong, China, and translated into Chinese.

Kwan (Jen) Wei translated documents into Chinese.

Chris Williams works for UN-Habitat and reported on the research on the Community Development Programme which eventually led to this web site.

Ayumi Yamashita translated the "Go" poem into Japanese.

Desi Yasri translated documents into Bahasa Indonesia.

Miho Yasui (Heidi) translated documents into Japanese.

Yoon Sook Jhee in Malaysia translated into Malay

Desiree Yu in the Philippines translated documents into Tagalog.

Nerissa Yuan translated into Chinese.

Joyce Zaide in Singapore translated documents into Tagalog.

Hourya Zihri has translated most of the management training module into French.


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